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Community Services 

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Before You Start

  • The information below details the service currently being provided by organisations in the Whitsunday, Isaac and Mackay region, and reflects the impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Their service delivery approach and times will probably change (quickly) in future, as more changes happen in our local and global communities. 
  • This website will be updated regularly but please check the websites of individual services as well if needed (links are provided). 
  • Please only phone services for urgent matters as may be experiencing higher than usual numbers of requests for service and still adapting to changed working conditions.


When you’re deciding about which service might be right for you, or someone you care about, please consider:

  • Services mat have specific eligibility criteria, which can be based on age, region or meeting a specific type of need.  If you don’t meet their criteria, ask to be referred to another appropriate service.
  • Services may be experiencing high demand so you may have to wait to see someone.  If this happens, check out the range of phone services, online forums and counselling and apps that can be really helpful in the meantime.
  • You might not find the service or counsellor that’s the best fit for you right away.  If you need to, talk with a few services to find the one you feel comfortable with.
  • Some GP services will bulk bill if you explain your particular circumstances.
  • If you want to talk with a GP about mental health concerns, let them know in advance so you can have a longer appointment. 

Essential Local Services

The Courage Project

The Courage Project aims to support children and young people in a trauma informed approach to assist them in their healing journey. They have a multidisciplinary team who will work with children and young people individually as well as families and other support services. Their shared local and national knowledge brings an educational community developmental approach to raise awareness of child and youth mental health concerns integrated with a ‘no wrong door’ response for families to access comprehensive trauma informed therapeutic supports.

    Isaac Region Essential Local Services

    • Local services and businesses across the Isaac Region, with contact information, opening hours and if payment over the phone is available

      Mackay Food Hand Up

      • ‘Boxes of Hope’ filled with basics needed to feed a family of four for 4 days are provided on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 12.30pm at 75 Evans Avenue, North Mackay
      • Fruit, vegetables, bread, non-perishables and frozen goods are provided for members of the local community who are in need 

        Emergency Relief and Support

        • Emergency Relief appointments include an intake and assistance with one voucher per household every 3 months, with a maximum of 3 visits per year
        • Identification required is an income statement from Centrelink or your MyGov account
        • For information about other available supports and emergency relief in Mackay and surroundings, see the Weekly Emergency Relief Provision Flyer (please note this information will change over time – confirm with the relevant service first)

        Book a PC in Mackay

        • 30 minute sessions are available to enabling accessing legal documents or online forms (eg: for Centreline) or other essential services
        • Printing is also available
        • Phone Mackay Libraries on 4961 9387

          Whitsunday Kindness Helping Hands

          • Non-perishable items are being received through donations and distributed to Whitsunday locals in need
          • For further details visit the Facebook page or call 0476 030 731

            Community Solutions

            Community Solutions can offer the following;

            • Navigating Centrelink
            • Mental Health Support Services
            • Financial Literacy Services
            • Re-enter the workforce


              To comply with Social Distancing Community Solutions can offer all of their services through other means of communication including phone, email and Skype.

            Carer Gateway

            If you provide unpaid care to a family member or friend, you can now access free support services via Carer Gateway.

            Services include support planning, counselling, peer support, financial packages and emergency respite.

            Wellways Australia is delivering Carer Gateway services in Queensland and the New South Wales regions of South West Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains.


            Domestic and Family Violence Services

            Queensland Police Service

            • If you are in immediate danger call 000
            • A new domestic and family violence reporting tool is now available via the Queensland Police Service website at: https://www.police.qld.gov.au/domestic-violence
            • It provides information about how to report domestic violence (by text, email or phone), recognise the signs of domestic violence, LGBTI domestic violence and what happens after you make a report

            Visit website

            If you are in immediate danger call 000

            Whitsunday Counselling and Support

            • Domestic violence and court support
            • Specialist family counselling and support
            • Sexual assault counselling and support
            • Support to contact other services

            Visit website
            (07) 4946 2999

            1/157 Shute Harbour Road

            Mackay Women’s Centre

            • Our Centre is still here to assist all women affected by domestic and family violence
            • We encourage you to phone us if you need help at this time
            • All counselling will now be over the phone
            • We can only assist people face to face in extremely urgent cases
            • All groups and activities are cancelled until further notice
            • Visiting services will no longer be attending (financial counsellor, Centrelink representative etc)
            • Donated items cannot be received at this time

            Domestic Violence Resource Service

            • All counselling will now be over the phone
            • Only in extremely urgent cases will face to face assistance be able to be provided
            • If you are in immediate danger phone 000.
            • If you are looking for assistance, emergency referral or crisis counselling phone us on 4953 1788 Monday – Friday from 8.30am-4.30pm
            • For 24/7 free, confidential Qld based crisis counselling, emergency referral and information phone DV Connect on 1800 811 811
            • Outreach to the Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre is available.

            Visit website
            (07) 4953 3444
            418 Shakespeare St Mackay


            DV Connect

            • DV Connect is a 24/7 phone service to help Queensland women, men, children and pets find pathways to safety, away from domestic, family and sexual violence
            • Services include support with emergency transport and accommodation, as well as crisis counselling and safety planning 

            MATES Domestic Violence: Building Safe Relationships

            • MATES in Construction will work with/support anyone identifiies themselves as working in Contrsuction Industry, whether that be a job site or workplace.
            • 1300 642 111 support number available 24/7
            • Support for business/workplace to manage mental health concerns
            • Postvention and Critical Incident Support
            • Training- General Awareness, Connector, ASIST
            • Site Visits, Toolbox Talks
            • Suite of resources to raise awareness within business, workplace, job site
            • Case Management
            • Blueprint https://mates.org.au/blueprint
            • Ongoing research, recently apprentices https://speakupbeheard.org.au/

            Drug and Alcohol Services

            Drug Arm

            Drug ARM is offering online and telephone support for people who want help to address issues related to their own, or another person’s, alcohol or other drug use.

            • Twelve week counselling program for people experiencing alcohol and other drug issues (Whitsunday (Bowen) and Isaac)
            • Ongoing support for families and significant others impacted by another person’s alcohol or other drug use (Whitsunday, Isaac and Mackay)
            • Free information sessions for families and significant others presented online by Breakthrough for Families Qld team
            • Accepting self-referrals and referrals from other services

            ADIS Queensland

            • Free 24/7 alcohol and drug support for you, family, friends and health professionals 
            • Experienced counsellors provide counselling, information and advice
            • Support and treatment referral

            Support for Seniors

            Care Army

            • To support seniors who don’t have family, friends or neighbours who can help them get food and other essential items
            • Contact the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349 and arrangements will be made for non-contact delivery of food and medication for those in quarantine with no other means of support
            • Queenslanders wanting to volunteer for the Care Army can register on 1800 173 349 or at www.qld.gov.au/CareArmy

            Older People

            • Physicall illness or personal loss can be contributing factors to older peoples depression. 
            • Beyond Blue outline all the risk factors, sign and symptoms and assistance available, check out their website for help

            Support for CALD Community

            Resources for the CALD Community 

            • Information has been made available in more than 30 languages by the Dept Home Affairs 
            • It includes information about visa category changes and entitlements

            Multicultural Australia

            • Australia comes together in times of crisis. That’s our culture. It’s who we are.
            • It’s easy to feel lost or alone when there is major disruption to our lives, like that which is being caused by the Coronavirus.
            • But you are not alone. We’re in this together. Together, we have the experience and wisdom to see this through.

            Support for Frontline Workers and Clinicians

            Covid Trauma Response Working Group

            • A Covid Trauma Response Working Group has been formed to ensure the psychological response to the Covid outbreak is coordinated, trauma-informed and evidence-based (based in the UK)
            • Their website provides a range of evidence-based resources resources for clinicians, including dealing with stress and how to create a trauma-informed response to Covid

            Neighbourhood and Community Centres

            Bowen Neighbourhood Centre

            • No Interest Loans
            • Emergency relief assistance
            • Bowen Shed Shop
            • Crisis information and referral service

            Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre

            • Family support program
            • Community development program
            • Emergency relief assistance
            • Scallywags Child Care
            • Free Bread Scheme
            • Legal Aid Outreach Centre
            • Community Furniture Shed and Op Shop

            Visit website

            (07) 4946 7850

            Lot 2 Hazelwood Crt

            Properpine Community Centre

            • Information and Referral Services
            • Low cost venue for community services and organisations
            • Meeting place
            • Accredited NILS (No Interest Loans Scheme) Centre

            Visit Facebook Page

            (07) 4945 5915

            36 Gardenia Street

            Clermont Community Housing and Other Services Inc

            • Limited face to face services are provided, in accordance with current government health directives
            • Can provide most services over the telephone (during working hours), including emergency relief vouchers, housing and other queries. The phones will only operate during working hours
            • Opening hours are 12.30 – 2.45 pm (except Wed close 2pm)
            • Centrelink (Services Australia) Self Service Terminal and Self-service Phones are still available but if possible, we encourage people to visit serviceaustralia.com.au or use their MyGov account

            Dysart Community Support Group Inc and Dysart Community Centre

            • DCSG works with community member to identify shared challenges and provides support through information and referrals to meet community needs. They provided a range of events and activities to engage community members and promote community connectedness. 
            • All services available


            Visit Facebook Page

            (07) 4958 2461

            21 Queen Elizabth Drive, Dysart

            Moranbah and District Support Services

            • Still operating from the Moranbah Youth and Community Centre, where social distancing and hygiene protocols are in place
            • All Services available
            • Rural family support program
            • Neighbourhood program
            • Settlement program
            • Isaac regional domestic violence program

            Visit website

            (07) 4941 5164

            2 Appleton Street, Moranbah

            Emergency & Long Term Accommodation in Moranbah Inc (ELAM)

            ELAM Inc seeks to assist individuals and families in Moranbah and district who are homeless, or in crisis and at imminent risk of homelessness, to achieve the maxium possible degree of self-reliance and independence, through the provisions of support and accommodation services. 

            • Long term housing
            • Centrelink Agency
            • Youth Worker Program
            • Youth accommodation
            • Shared accommodation for single women
            • Faxing, photocopying, laminating service
            • Information and referrals

            The Neighbourhood Hub

            • The Centre is closed and all face-to-face interactions have been suspended and services are provided via phone, email and other online platform where possible
            • Emergency Relief is still being offered (as e-vouchers)
            • Call 4957 2626 between 8.30-9.00am to make an appointment with the ER Intake Officer later in the day – appointments will be done by phone
            • All program activities have ceased, including World Cafe, Playgroups, Rockin Kids, CALD Women’s Club, Seniors Friendship group, English Conversation Circle, Prep-Ready Kids, The Neighbourhood Get Together and the Community Bus Model
            • The Volunteer Hub is currently suspended

            Visit website
            (07) 4957 2626
            4 George St and 43 Shakespeare St Mackay

            CTM Links

            • CTM Links works with community member to identify shared challenges and provides support through information and referrals to meet community needs. They provided a range of events and activities to engage community members and promote community connectedness. 
            • All services available


            Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resources


            • Mackay and Region Aboriginal and Islander Development Association is an Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian South Sea Islander community controlled organisation
            • Services include Piccaninny Foster and Kinship Care, Recognised Entity and Indigenous Family Wellbeing Program

            Elder support

            A hotline has been activated to assist older people and other people who are required to be in quarantine or self-isolation and who have no other means or mechanisms of support to secure essential food or medicines.  (This was the Community Recovery Hotline and is managed by Dept of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors.)

            Health and hygiene resources

            The Queensland government has developed a range of posters and screen savers to encourage good hygiene during the Coronavirus outbreak.  Some are specifically designed for First Nations communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander local councils.


            Keep our mob safe

            The Department of Health has developed a collection of resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and remote communities, including:

            • Radio broadcasts
            • Videos
            • Posters
            • Digital banner
            • Newsletter


            Covid-19 Resources

            The Aboriginal Health and Meical Resource Council of NSW has developed a range of posters, social media tiles and other resources about:

            • Sorry Business and important family gatherings
            • Resources for healthcare professionals
            • Travel to rural and remote Aboriginal communities
            • Slowing the spread of Covid-19

            ATSICHS Mackay Sister Sessions

            • 5 week online program
            • Dedicated to helping young women fulful their potential by building confidence and resilience to everyday stressors
            • Every Thursday, starting 7th May
            • Need to have access to Zoom (free)
            • Contact Mariah or Tekani on 0407 232 295 or email mariah@atsichs.org.au

            Lifeline’s Coping with Sorrow, Loss and Grief Toolkit

            Lifeline has produced this self-help resource to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people tryng to cope with sorrow, loss and grief.  It includes information about:

            • Understanding what grief is
            • Developing strategies to help cope with sorrow, loss and grief
            • Understanding what friends and family can do
            • Where to go for help 

            Legal Services

            Managing your finances

            Legal Aid Queensland has provided useful tips on their Facebook page about:

            • Planning for the future and managing your finances if you have been affected by Covid-19
            • What to do if you can’t pay your bills
            • Your rights as a tenant and not having to access your superannuation to pay rent

            Support for Families

            Dads Group

            The Online Engaging Fathers Program is designed to give new Dads the support and connection they need.

            • The group focuses on the early years, because the impact lasts a lifetime
            • The group meets via video, sharing experiences and supporting each other during tough times
            • Dads Group directly decreases mental illness and suicide risks, supports child development and increases wellbeing for the whole family

            Support for Men


            Movember’s Men’s Heath resources are designed to support men to know what to do, where to start and what to say when they (or their mate) need help.  There are resources to help with staying connected, spotting the signs when a mate seems low and getting help.  There’s also a Movement Conversations online tool which is designed to give practical guidance on how to talk to the men we care about who might be struggling, particularly in the world of Covid-19.

              Disability Services

              Priority home delivery services

              The NDIA has worked with supermarket retailers so that NDIS participants wanting support to grocery shop have priority access to home delivery services.  NDIS participants can now purchase grocery items online to be delivered to their home.

              For more details, check out the NDIS website or call NDIS on 1800 800 110.

              Feros Care

              • Available for the National Disability Insurance Scheme for all questions and access for the NDIS
              • Can offer the opportunity to connect to the NDIS to commence your access and eligibility without leaving your home

              Mackay Advocacy

              • Services are being provided by phone
              • New office premises at 22 Nelson St, Mackay

              Resources for People with Disability

              Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) has developed 3 new accessible resources for people with disability 

              They will also soon  release a planning tool for people with disability and chronic health conditions

              Their website also include a Covid-19 information hub

              The topics of the factsheets are:

              • What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

              • What does self-quarantine mean?

              • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Essential Items Checklist

              LGBTI Communities

              National LGBTI Health Alliance 

              • The National LGBTI Health Alliance is the national peak health organisation in Australia for organisations and individuals that provide health-related programs, services and research focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people (LGBTI) and other sexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people and communities

              • The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and the National LGBTI Health Alliance called for health practitioners and medical professionals to ensure the health needs of LGBTI people are considered across all responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. View more details here

              Mental Wellness Services

              Balance Minder

              • Connection is the key to wellbeing and Tribe Talk has been added to Balance Minder’s online courses.

              • Leanne has set up regular classes for Balance Minder’s Tribe Members.  For current Tribe Members this has been added FREE to their current subscription.

              • To becomee a Tribe Member, sign up for an On your Feet or Off your Feet Time Out Tai Chi Course or the Value YOU! or Mentally Healthy Workplaces programs.

              Regional Councils and Organisations

              Whitsunday Regional Council

              • Support for individuals and businesses during Coronavirus outbreak
              • Mental health support
              • Useful links
              • Self-quarantine assistance card

              Mackay Regional Council

              • Stay Home, Stay Connected – activities that can be done at home during the Coronavirus outbreak
              • Range of library services online (ebooks, emovies, emusic, elearning and emagazines)
              • Activities for kids
              • Mackay Community Directory and Mackay Community Diary

              Isaac Regional Council

              • Advice about business support packages and Community Support and Wellbeing Packay
              • Range of library services online (ebooks, emovies, emusic, elearning and emagazines)

              Regional Social Development Coalition

              • Supporting community organisations, sporting groups and progress associations with Business Continuity Plans and forward planning
              • Continuing to connect and talk with the community to enable feed up of regional and local issues to state-wide community industry taskforce convened by Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) and Qld Council for Social Service (QCOSS)
              • This taskforce informs both state and federal decision making groups
              • Participating in Local Disaster Management Human and Social Response Sub-group to provide information and contribute to local solutions for regional issues and concerns


              • MATES in Mining, MATES in Construction and MATES in Energy are the three industries that sit within MATES 
              • 1300 642 111 support number available 24/7
              • Support for business/workplace to manage mental health concerns
              • Postvention and Critical Incident Support
              • Training- General Awareness, Connector, ASIST
              • Site Visits, Toolbox Talks
              • Suite of resources to raise awareness within business, workplace, job site
              • Case Management
              • Blueprint https://mates.org.au/blueprint
              • Ongoing research, recently apprentices https://speakupbeheard.org.au/

              Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA)

              • CSIA is working closely with the Qld Government to ensure community services organisations are provided with the practical support needed to continue delivering essential services during COVID-19
              • To do this, Government needs services to share insights and information about what they are experiencing
              • The  CSIA Industry Hotline on 1800 027 420 is now open Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm for your input, to answer some key questions and to also access a Q&A service of information, resources, tools and referrals


              11 Wood Street, Mackay
              QLD Australia 4740