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Mental Health

at Home 

For good mental health at home, there are some simple steps we can take every day to keep mentally well while we’re at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, both when we’re working and playing.  There are also many resources available to support mental wellbeing, build skills and have some fun.

Supporting Children’s Mental Wellbeing


Social and emotional wellbeing self-help app made for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian aged 15 years and over.

Black Dog Institute webinars

The Black Dog Institute is offering webinars from April to August about:

  • Navigating your teen’s mental health
  • Breaking down depression
  • Insight sessions – person sharing their lived experience of mental illness (to promote help seeking for young people)
  • Mental fitness
  • Mental fitness with the Sydney Swans

Supporting children druing coronavirus pandemic

Emerging Minds has produced a resource to to assist parents and carers to support their children, answer their questions and reduce their worry and distress.  It includes a video, factsheets and a range of tips to help children cope.

Support during coronavirus

The headspace website includes a range of resources, links, information, online and phone services and online chats to support young people to cope with stress related to Coronavirus.

Communicating with your child about Covid-19

It can be difficult to know what to say when your children ask about Covid-19, or to start a conversation with them about how their world is changing.  This resource is designed to help parents an carers know what information to share and how to share it.

Mental health and self-isolation

This UK based service provides excellent tips and resources to support young people to stay connected, stay calm and deal with stressful situations at home while self-isolating.

General Mental Wellbeing

SANE Australia – Living with OCD in the time of COVID-19

The latest SANE blog by one of our SANE team members shares experiences of living with a diagnosis of OCD during this uncertain time. The blog addresses self-stigma, and breaks down stereotypes that are often held about the widely misunderstood condition

    Men’s Mental Health

    This article from the Australian Human Resources Institute outlines the impact that mental health can have on male employees and helps to understand the best way to support them.

      Maintaining your mental health during social isolation

      Living with someone 24.7 may give rise to arguments and/or tension.  The Australian Psychological Society provides information about avoiding difficult situations in the home:

      • Create a roster to help you distribute chores equally and fairly
      • Identify and take part in activities you like doing together such as movies, board games, jigsaws, gardening
      • Share positive emotions and experiences, rather than anger, frustration and disappointment
      • Communicate your worries and concerns, and seek support from one another
      • Maintain your sense of fun and positive humour
      • Remain respectful of each other in times of conflict – walk away and take time to calm yourselves, returning to the
        discussion later and repairing any hurt caused

      Black Dog Institute resources 

      The Black Dog Institute has developed a range of factsheets and webinars, apps and other tools to support people at home, children and workplaces during the Coronavirus pandemic.  These include:

      • How screen time can help with behavioural changes in kids during isolation (click here)
      • How you and your work team can exercise your way to better mental health (click here)
      • Mental health and Coronavirus interactive webinar series (click here)
      • myCompass – a tool designed to address symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression through personalised treatments, which is delivered entirely online (click here)
      • HeadGear – a free smartphone app that guides you through a 30 day mental fitness challenge (App Store | Google Play)
      • Online Clinic – a simple, safe and anonymous way to check in on your mental health and get the right tools to take positive action (click here)


      Smiling Mind

      Thrive inside with Smiling Mind – be inspired, stay connected and foster good mental habits during the Coronavirus

      Remember to make time for you

      Your mental wellbeing is the unique way that you handle your emotions, respond to stress and also your general outlook on life. Having a health sense of mental wellbeing has many benefits. It lifts your mood, promote resilience in difficult situations and helps you get the most out of life.

      GOTCHA 4 LIFE:  Connect, capture, share, encourage

      • Connect with 19 people, in 19 days.
      • Capture a short story or image of your connection each day for 19 days.
      • Share on social, using #COLIV19 #Gotcha4Life.
      • Encourage your 19 connections to do the same, by tagging them on socials.

      Mindfulness in everyday life

      “If you let cloudy water settle, it will become clear. If you let your upset mind settle, your course will also become clear.”

      Follow the link to useful mindfulness techniques to practice at home.


      headspace has released a mindfulness training tool to help young people with stress, anxiety and depression.   It uses a array of tools, including meditation. 


      The happiness trap app

      Dr Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap, has made this app (ACT Companion) available free of charge for the next few months, for people who are struggling from the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis.  The free access code is TOGETHER.  The app is designed to support people to be present, open up and do what matters.

      Staying Active at Home

      Virtual workouts from home 

      With the social distancing restrictions and closure of the physical gyms in our region, many gyms have now created virtual workouts for memebres to do from home.  Exercise is a fantastic tool to keep your mind and body healthy and active and alleviate stress and anxiety.   Listed here are the local gyms who have set up these virtual workouts – please go to their websites to find out how you can access these. 

      Seize the opportunity of home quarantine

      There are so many activities and tasks you now have time for when you’re self-isolating.  Evolve Events has compiled a list of ideas so you can rejuvenate old hobbies or create new passions.  Examples include:

      • Organise your music playlist
      • Join a virtual bookclub
      • Revamp your garden
      • Build something amazing with Lego
      • Research something you have always wondered about
      • Find a charity to support
      • Declutter
      • Plan your next holiday

      Free Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals

      The Shows Must Go On!  Andrew Lloyd Webber has announced that Universal is launching a new YouTube channel which will play a different musical every Friday.  It will then be availalble for free for 48 hours!

      10 virtual tours of the world’s natural wonders

      No need to pack lots of gear, do weeks of training or even leave your living room.  The Guardian has compiled a list of 10 breathtaking virtual tours that allow you to experience these stunning natural wonders, including the Northern Lights, Mt Everest, the Namib Desert Dunes and the Grand Canyon.

      10 virtual tours of art galleries and museums

      We might not be able to go see the real thing right now, but these virtual tours can get you up closer to artworks all around the world than if you we there in person.  There are a range of platforms, with 360 views, the ability to zoom in on particular artworks and ‘walk around’ tours.


      This is a blog based in the UK where Claire Ryan (a health worker) voluntarily provides an incredible range of information and resources from around the world to engage people who are in isolation.  This includes:

      • Virtual tours of farm trips, the Edinburgh zoo (with Koala cam) and field trips
      • A range of online learning resources for children 
      • Arts and cultural virtual tours, podcasts and videos 
      • Free music concerts
      • Literature
      • New skills for adults to learn (like salsa dancing, memory training or singing lessons)
      • Spiritual resources
      • Resources for people living with ADHD

      Working From Home

      Black Dog Institute’s working from home factsheet

      This eivdence-based resource includes information about:

      • Tips to protect your mental health
      • Details about how to structure working from home
      • Links to other useful online resources and tools

      Tips for working from home

      Roses in the Ocean have developed this useful booklet with a range of practical considerations when working from home.  It includes considerations such as:

      • How to structure your workspace
      • Establishing routines
      • Identifying when you’re most productive
      • Time management strategies
      • How to stay connected

      Red Cross COVID-19 Pandamic Blog

      Red Cross have create the following support during this time, there are ways to feel safe, calm and connected to other; 

      Activities for Kids at Home

      Virtual and Interactive Tours

      With home isolation now the new normal for many families, we have complied a list of fantastic interactive tours from places around the world.  These tours are not only exciting for the kids to see but expose them to difficult cultures and are educational. Enjoy!

      Strong Brother Strong Sister

      • Strong Brother Strong Sister and Ngarrimili have teamed up to provide all First Nation Children and Young People with an Online First Nation Kids and Youth Group

      • Groups will run Monday to Friday at 12pm – 2pm over April 2020

      • The workshops delivered by First Nation Businesses will include:

        • Cultural Workshops

        • Health and Wellbeing Workshops

        • Art Classes

        • Movies

        • Fun games and activities

        • And loads more!

      Playgroup at home in Queensland

      This Facebook group is designed to keep families, carers and educators sharing and connecting (virtually) during this time of social isolation. It is a safe space where you will find:
      – Activity ideas to do at home
      – Interesting and relevant blogs
      – Facebook Live updates
      – Storytime
      – Nutritious recipes ideas
      – Photos and videos
      – Music time
      – And much more

      Free Educational Resource for Parents

      If you are a parent who has been tasked with the role of educator while your child is away from school, then no doubt you are on the lookout for some supportive tools and resources to help you with their educational journey.

      ABC Reading Eggs

      ABC Reading Eggs was created by a highly experienced team of Australian primary school teachers, writers and developers to help children become fluent and proficient readers The multi-award winning early learning resource supports your child’s learning to read journey with carefully designed online reading games and activities that are easy follow, self-paced and highly engaging for young learners.

      Free access for 2 weeks – all access for 12 months $94.99

      First 5 Forever

      First 5 Forever is an initiative of the Queensland Government, coordinated by State Library of Queensland and delivered in partnership with local government.  It is a statewide program providing strong early literacy foundation for all Queensland children aged 0-5 years.


      This website features many easy play at home activities, recipes and tips for keeping toddlers engaged at home.  Most of the activities can be created using items found around the home and are interactive, educational and fun.

      Birdie’s Tree

      A series of flipbooks from Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, following the adventures of Birdie the bird through sickness, floods, fire, drought and much more.


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