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As we work our way through the challenging times we’re now facing, it’s important that we based our actions on accurate, up-to-date information from reliable sources.  Use the links below to access this information.

If you want information about mental health and other services in the Whitsunday, Isaac and Mackay region, check out Information and Resources (Regional Mental Health Services and Other Community Services).

You’ll also find links and details about online and phone services in the Information and Resources section.


Mental Health Services and Key Information

Qld Mental Health Commission

The Commission has produced a short video about the likely mental health impacts of Covid-19 – looking at what we know about the mental health effects of natural disasters and how this pandemic may differ.

This easy to understand video explains common mental health impacts, the responses we can provide to help deal with psychological stress or distress and what organisations can do to address the issues and challenges.

Mackay Hospital and Health Service

For local up to date information on what is happening with COVID-19 in our region, including numbers, the latest facts and figures and the best course of action if you are worried about infection, please visit the MHHS website

Queensland Government – COVID-19

For information on emergency services, obtaining food and essential items, information on the Care Army and the Community Recovery Hotline please visit the Queensland Government website. 

Australian Government Department of Health

Click here for up to date information on how the government is responding to he outbreak of COVID-19, how you can help slow the spread in Australia, what to do if you have symptoms and the latest official medical advice and case numbers.

health direct

For information on where to seek medical attention, a symptoms checker, helpful hints about hygiene and frequently asked questions and answers please head to the health direct website.  

Coronavirus Australia app

Stay up to date with official information and advice about the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. You can check your symptoms and get notified when urgent information and updates are published.  Please visit the website for information how to download the app today.

National Advice for First Nations Communities

This website provides a range of information, advice and resources for First Nations Communities

Sorry Business and Funerals

The Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships website includes information about:

  • Sorry Business and funerals
  • Social distancing
  • Posters, fact sheets and other resources
  • Other sources of support


Financial Assistance


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